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This page is for sharing data for news materials.


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  • 6 images at the IKIRU exhibition
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake data
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Please read the following notes and consent to them.

NOTES on use of photos

  • 1)  Please note that copyright credit must be given to each photo.
  • 2)  Secondary use of photos is prohibited.
  • 3)  Cropping images is also prohibited. (Files of photos are allowed to be resized, but please give considerable attention to degradation of image quality)
  • 4)  Photos are NOT allowed to be processed.
  • 5)  Photo data should be discarded after use.

NOTES on use of JPS logo

  • 1)  Do not distort or cut the marks.
  • 2)  All copyrights are reserved by JPS

All copyrights are reserved by Japan Professional Photographers Society and each photographers whose name embedded on the photos.

If possible, please send a sample of news with these pictures to Japan Professional Photographers